Car Battery Amps Too High

Cca (cold cranking amps) is the main thing to pay attention to. High amperage and voltage may also cause spikes in power that could break your cpu or fuse box.

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Well, that’s still very important, because cold, cranking amps tells you the ability of the battery to do work right now.

Car battery amps too high. A weak or old battery usually results in pulling larger amps. If so, you can measure its density with a hydrometer, a few $. This does not necessarily mean a battery will last only one hour, because it will last 2 hours if it’s asked to produce only 50 amps, 4 hours at 25 amps, and so on.

Just be sure that it is held down tight. A really large battery will place a greater strain on the car if it goes dead and has to be recharged. Higher cca is actually better for components as insufficient capacity will lead to component damage.

Maybe the alternator isn’t working and it isn’t getting a charge. There are also cases when car battery voltage can become too high. Typically, the larger the battery, the higher the amp rating.

Any side effect to the car if i use a battery of higher amp? You see, at very high currents, the capacity bleeds off very fast, so a small capacity battery can squeeze out 100amps but only for a fraction of a second then it starts losing power. One might take the car for a long drive but the battery will not charge.

You can use a bigger battery size but always keep in mind these precautions, and you need to be very careful whenever you do so. Choosing a higher cca battery can mean you have to replace it less often. The higher this number is, the longer the battery will crank the engine in cold weather before it dies.

Maybe a battery cable has broken. Much less than 14.2 at a fast idle is bad wiring, bad alternator or regulator, or a bad connection or fuse link. This is generally the result of overcharging your battery.

At the top you’ll be able to see where your car battery rating would fit in. The battery does not push the cca (cold cranking amperage) but merely has it available to the starter to draw from the battery as the starter. So, to get that current output (amperes or in a car's case cold cranking amps), you need to have a high capacity battery.

This is scaring me and a new one is too expensive. The reasons i see for going larger are cost and availability. It may cause your alternator to fail.

Before you buy a new battery, take it in for a test. Can you access the electrolyte? High temperatures are not good for automobiles.

This means that a car battery’s amperage is more than 300 amps. Find out how to test and charge a car's battery here. The only trouble with more cca might be in hot climate.

It's like trying to pay your mortgage every month with no money reserves as opposed to having a savings account. When a battery is overcharged, the. A larger battery is heavier.

Less than 14.3 would be a “weak” alternator or regulator. The cca of the civic battery is not that much higher. Most car batteries have a capacity between 550 and 1000 amperes.

Car batteries have a capacity ranging from 550 amps to 1,000 amps ( cranking amps ) depending on the battery’s specifications. The higher cca batteries have more, thinner plates that warp more easily. It also means that your car will start reliably in colder temperatures.

The expert’s maintenance tips might assist to abide this trouble. This is particularly important in the event the alternator fails. A bouncing battery is not a happy battery.

Up to this voltage and at normal temperatures, the battery will only gas very slightly. Bigger batteries may cause wiring or starter damage. This is a measure of how much current the battery can provide at 0 deg f, as @pangea points out.

A larger battery is an extra expense, extra toxins, extra weight, and won't give you dramatically longer life. Is 14.7 volts too high? It turns off my speaker amplifier as soon as i hit the gas pedal.

Maybe the terminals need to be cleaned. Most car alternators, that normally recharge your battery after every start, and provide power while the engine is running, are normally voltage regulated to about 13.8 to 14.0 volts. Simply look at the sticker on your car battery and find where you’d be by using cca (cold cranking amps), rc (reserve capacity), or the equivalent amp hours based on my extrapolations from a battery charger manufacturer’s data that i did from a previous article which you can check out here if you’d like.

When a battery sits for long periods of time (generally a year or more) sulfation occurs which causes the battery to lose its charge internally. I notice my car manual states the battery should be 55d23l but my 70 amp battery is 55d26l. For most vehicle batteries that will be anywhere from two amps up to about 7.5 amps.

The internal chemistry of the battery will also affect the amp rating. The hot climate batteries have fewer cca, and fewer plates. Most (if not all) of the car batteries available in.

The odyssey sounds like a really fine choice. However, you should not confuse it with ca or cranking amps. If the car is constantly not starting, then aged battery might be the real reason.

The ampere ratings (or amp ratings) of a battery basically tell you its storage capacity. If a battery is rated as 100ah, it will produce 100 amps for 1 hour. A larger battery will have a greater leakage current.

Even walmart auto shops do this free. Higher cca reserve will make the battery last longer also because it will be cruising rather than straining all the time. Charging voltages over 14.7 volts can prematurely dry the battery by boiling out electrolyte, and increase risk of a battery hydrogen gas explosion.

Some manufacturers have different models for different climates. It could be my computer or pulleys in the wrong too so i can't risk buying a new one and still having the problem. So, to answer your question, yes, 15 volts is too high.

A smaller battery is likely to fail you sooner, unless you live somewhere without a winter (hilo?). My car alternator runs at 16 to 16.5 volts when i hit the gas, and 15v idling. There is no such thing as too many cold cranking amps!

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