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I've played a 43.5 driver up to 46 driver. The 2020 taylormade sim2, callaway epic, ping g425, and titleist tsi1 come configured at 45.75 off the rack.

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Even though the rules of golf for competition allow the club shaft length of up to 48 inches, golf monthly notes that the average driver length used on the tour is ‘only’ 44.5 inches, while the average driver length in golf shops is about 45.5 inches.

What is the correct driver length. A longer club length (and your driver should be one of your longest) is going to give you more momentum on the downswing, allowing you to really hit the ball far. These tend to be somewhere in between your woods and your wedges, and it’s for a very simple reason. Wishon would probably recommend 43.5, gs might recommend 45.

There are a number of factors that go into deciding the proper shaft length with the big stick. Assuming its about average for your height, 44 is fine. The following list highlights some experiences of players using drivers with a 45 inch shaft length.

In reality, the average length of a driver used on tour is 44.5in while the average shaft length found in drivers on the shop shelves is around 45.5in. The standard driver length of 45.5 to 46.5 inches offered by the majority of golf club companies is too long for the majority of golfers and will prevent at least 80% of all golfers from achieving their maximum potential for distance and accuracy. With a shorter shaft can help with the right clubhead, you can make magic off the tee and start to shoot consistently lower scores.

Most driver shafts were around 43 inches until the early 1990s. Because women tend to be shorter than men, the standard women's driver length is usually closer to 44. Typically, the length of a female golfer’s club is an inch lesser than that of a male golfer’s club.

Michael breed, host of the golf fix, answers a viewer's email question on driver shaft length. Its not about you height, its your wrist to floor measurement. Your driver is technically your most important club.

Check out breed's tip on how to determine whether your. Golf club sizes for kids and juniors are shorter than the standard size of standard clubs. The standard length for a male driver shaft used to be 43.5 inches for a steel shaft and 44 inches for a graphite club.

Driver length it’s time to be blunt. The stock standard now is anywhere from 45.5 to 46.75 inches. However, in the 21st century a standard driver is considered to.

The answer comes down to control. However, in recent times, the standard driver length has been accepted as 45 inches. They achieve a better smash factor with a 45 inch driver than a slightly longer 46 inch driver.

Today’s modern golf driver length with graphite shafts is about 45 to 45.5 inches for men, and 44 to 44.5 inches for ladies. Michael breed, host of ‘the golf fix,’ teaches how to find the proper length of your driver shaft and gives a drill to maximize. For a shorter junior, clubs will range from 20″ to 26″ in length and for a taller junior they will range from 42″ to 30″ in length from driver to putter.

Before we go any further, the rules of golf tell us the maximum driver length shaft is 48 inches. There is an optimum driver shaft length with which golfers will achieve maximum clubhead speed and it will vary from player to player. Remember, the average driver standard length is 45 inches for men and 44 inches for women (off the rack).

What length driver should you use with mark crossfield filmed at titleist tpi in the usa with their top fitting team. What's the standard driver length. Anything over 45 is too long.

The standard driver length for men's clubs is 45.5 to 45.75 inches long. Golfers who swing faster than 120mph would require a loft below 9.5 degrees and those golfers with a slower swing below 90mph would be better choosing a loft. The standard length of a driver for men used to be 43.5 inches with a steel shaft and 44 inches for a graphite shaft.

Determining the best driver length for you. When you go about choosing a length that is right for you, it will be best to make the choice based on what is comfortable. The standard length of a driver with a stainless steel shaft for a male player is 45 inches.

You need a length that you can handle where you can hit the center. See what results we got when we tried d.

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